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  • How many positions are available in The Saltwater Institute programs?

There are a maximum of 16 positions available for this program.

  • Will the students still complete their regular school subjects such as English, History, Geography, Science, Art, ICT, Music, Foreign Languages?

Our #inthepipeline curriculum is AusVELS compliant, meaning that the core standards for years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are incorporated into the lessons/tasks. Many of the tasks work across multiple domains so that one requirement may demonstrate competency in  English, Geography AND Health and PE; while another may tick off requirements for ICT, Maths, Science and Art.  VELS levels are marked off and students are sent back to home schools with a comprehensive report including VELS progressions.

Maths is the only subject area in which students complete their home school work. Generally one session out of the four per day will be devoted to school maths. On top of this other Maths sessions will be run by Biolab throughout the program using individual data gathered from the students' performance. A program of home school Maths is organised with the home school prior to the program commencement. 

Foreign Language and Music are also not included in the #inthepipeline curriculum.  Many foreign language subjects, however, are utilising online educational programs for their students and time can be made to keep up to date with these. Music is to be completed in the students own time. 

  • How does the curriculum vary for the different year levels?

All #inthepipeline tasks have varying, age specific rubrics (again in line with National Standards). A year 7 student will have to complete a task to an appropriate standard for that year level while the year 8 student will complete the same task but to a more advanced level, and more advanced again for a year 9 and 10 student (this is often done through task extensions or more detailed analysis). Often it is found that the year levels work very well together in this way, with the older students mentoring the younger ones.

  • What technology is required for the students?

All Students will require a laptop or iPad to complete their required tasks. These devices will also require some sort of movie making software (Movie Maker, iMovie or the like.) 

  • Which beaches will the surf coaching take place on?

The morning's coaching will take place at Jan Juc or Torquay Surf Beach the majority of the time. The coaching program will also encompass 'dry land' fitness training, nutrition and video analysis. Parents and guardians will be kept up to date on where the students will need to be each morning. 

  • How do the students travel from their morning coaching session to Surf Coast Secondary College?

The Saltwater Institute will provide a shuttle from the morning beach session to the classroom for the afternoon's classes. 

  • What if I live out of town/interstate/overseas?

We would love to accept surfers from outside Torquay.  We are hoping to be able to offer this opportunity to students from all around Australia and potentially overseas. At this stage we have no residential component so students and their families would have to organise their own local accommodation or a billet.  International students would need to note that the curriculum offered is written to Australian National Standards and we can not guarantee that it would be recognised in your home country.