We believe that what The Saltwater Institute provides is pretty innovative and exciting, and the media seem to agree.  The articles and TV episodes below create a great sense of what we are all about, just click on the links to be taken to the various sites.

Hit current affairs show, The Project, did a fine job of reporting what 'Salties' are all about

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An early look at the first saltwater program

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The Saltwater Institutes feature on the science program, 'Scope', really gives a great insight into what we can offer. The kids and teachers had a ball, check it out by clicking the link below:

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As you may have read in our head teacher and director Sam Magree's Bio, he teaches a program called 'At Altitude' in Term 3 at Mt Buller. The winter version of The Saltwater Institute! Here are a couple of links to articles and TV programs featuring Sam working with snowsports athletes at Mt Buller: